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5 Ways to Invigorate Your Brand in 2017

Author: Linda Sultmann

While let’s be honest, many new year’s resolutions are mere pipe dreams, if boosting your brand is a 2017 goal, that’s one we can help you achieve.


Whether you launch a new campaign, revamp your interiors, or liven up your colours, when you’re considering refreshing your brand, start with your customer’s point of view. Customers today have access to more options than ever and sometimes the only thing differentiating you from your competitor is the experience they receive - and first impressions count for a lot.

Regardless of your budget, freshening up your visual touchpoints can go a long way in leaving customers with a more positive and memorable experience:

Brand design

1. Create a reception that welcomes and wows

Using beautifully coordinated, branded and colour-coordinated floor mats, pillows, wall graphics, windows, digital screens, and blinds, you can take your reception from business-as-usual to where-do-I-sign.

2. Upgrade to LED signs

If your old business sign is changing colours or letters are going black, an LED sign is an option that is technologically reliable and attractive to the eye.

LED Sign

3. Go big with monument signs

Outdoor monument signs can give directions or inform customers of your hours and services, they can make a statement – or many statements if you go digital.

Monument Sign

Monument Sign

4. Put the writing on the wall (and floor and door)

Tell your brand story on wall graphics using images of your products, customers, and history. Add images to tables, floors, counters, and ceilings for a greater message cut-through.

Vehicle Wrap

5. Take it on the road

A unique, professionally designed and applied custom vehicle wrap allows you to get more out of your employees’ time behind the wheel and every dollar spent on fuel.

Start 2017 like you mean to finish – with a positive attitude and a polished look.


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