12 Rnd Fitness

12RND Fitness – SW Newcastle (Gym/Fitness)

The Challenge

The client wanted to create a motivating and fun environment for their clients. Something different to any other ‘typical gym’ atmosphere.
They were also opening up within a shopping complex, so they needed to create privacy for their clients from all of the foot traffic outside.

The Solution

SIGNWAVE had all the inner-workings to create that ‘Motivating and fun’ atmosphere like no other gym. 12RND is a boxing-based gym with influences like Danny Green. SIGNWAVE took this and created a fantastic full colour wallpaper print in the centre of the gym - holding up a championship. SIGNWAVE also produced

Privacy was created by using frosting on the external windows with the client’s logo cut out to create a peep-hole/window into the gym.

The Result

This project was so successful and rewarding for both the client and SIGNWAVE. SIGNWAVE created and maintained such a great relationship with this client that they have had continuous work almost every month!

12 Rnd Fitness 12 Rnd Fitness 12 Rnd Fitness