Awning Signs

Awnings offer a visual extension to your site’s visual communication solution. They are an architectural element that adds life and great aesthetics to your building and brand. Awnings can be made of fabric, acrylic, aluminium and other materials in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also be fully customised to your decor and colour needs. Awning signage can easily take your organisation, business or brand to the next level by communicating your brand colours and messages with a high-end look and feel.

There are several benefits to awning signage. Here are a few examples of what they can accomplish for you and your business.

  1. Awnings help to attract attention while simultaneously identifying entrances.

This timeless option enables you to give a truly upscale vibe to your place of business, organisation, or institution. With awning signage, you can effectively display your professionalism and provide the ideal marketing tool for your organisation. These types of signs carry your brand identity from the inside out and easily identify your storefront for new or existing customers.

  1. They provide protection.

Awnings are a great resource for protecting both your business and your customers in any season. They can create shade in the summer, a break from snow and sleet when the winter comes, a diversion for water on rainy days, and also help to shield your windows and doors from the elements.

  1. Help you stand out from competitors.

Awnings are just another signage option to help you set yourself apart from the crowd in your community. They can communicate a variety of brand styles from adorable hometown feel to a more modern luxury vibe.

As a way to attract attention, provide protection, and help you stand out from competitors, why would you not use them to help elevate your business identity, message, and goals?

Get ready to add an awning to your business front for even greater visibility and extended branding. We are ready to help at SIGNWAVE.

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