Environmental Promise

As a leader in the print and graphics industry as well as the business community, SIGNWAVE adopts and promotes sustainable business practices designed to reduce our local, regional, national and global environmental impact.

Companies worldwide are becoming more aware of the need to use products and processes that are environmentally friendly. This call is also true of individually owned businesses—including SIGNWAVE sign and graphics centres.

Green Principles

SIGNWAVE continues to search for alternative products to meet the growing needs of our environmentally conscious customers, while creating processes in our centres that are mindful of the environment for future generations. Some of the sustainable, green printing principles include:

  • Using materials derived from renewable resources or with low environmental impact
  • Maximising recycling and recovery efforts, with efficient use of renewable energy
  • Adopting changes within the supply chain to recommend the use of raw materials that do not threaten or harm the environment

What are we doing today?

Many SIGNWAVE locations are becoming more environmentally friendly by embracing Latex water-based printing technology, along with UV curable print and using eco-solvent inks, which release less waste into the air and promote a cleaner environment. SIGNWAVE centres are also offering more environmentally friendly material options as alternatives to standard banner and sign materials. We’re keeping our eyes open for new eco-aware offerings that are coming onto the market.

Preserving the Environment

Other initiatives are in place to encourage SIGNWAVE centres to do their part in preserving the environment, including:

  • Using products that are recycled or recyclable
  • Disposing of hazardous materials properly
  • Trying to purchase products with minimum packaging or that are sold in bulk, thereby reducing waste
  • Recycling toner cartridges through manufacturers
  • Using energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Turning off unused equipment at night and on weekends
  • Recycling programs – please talk to your local SIGNWAVE centre for more details

These are only the beginning steps. SIGNWAVE. and our SIGNWAVE centres are committed to improving processes today for a better, cleaner, safer environment tomorrow.