Furniture and Table Graphics

A Creative Way to Make Your Brand's Statement

Table graphics are a clever and customisable way to extend your brand in and around a location. They are one of the “Oh, I didn’t think about that” applications with the help of visual communication solutions. Here are just a few of the ways that tables can become the perfect canvas for your brand or business:

  1. They help you extend your message

Your brand has a story to tell and you need to find ways to do just that. Table graphics from SIGNWAVE can help you fully communicate your message to the employees, patrons or visitors who need to hear and see it.

  1. Create a conversation piece

Instead of having what every other brand or organisation has, by adding table graphics, you can truly transform an ordinary table into an extraordinary marketing tool.

Curious about some of the ways that table graphics can be used to do these?

  • Conference rooms - workspace interior graphics are a great way to reach employees. Custom-wrapped conference room tables, counters, doors, desktops, lamps and furniture are just a few examples for creating excitement, engagement, motivation, and brand alignment for employees.
  • In a break room - table wraps can add games or branding onto tables for lunch breaks
  • Restaurants - carry your brand message and feel throughout your dining room with table graphics that can add a pop of personality
  • Trade shows - table graphics can be installed easily on tabletops and used to promote your business or company outside your actual location

Enhance decor in a variety of areas and industries with custom table graphics. Create community conversation with game toppers on tables and encourage engagement with visuals that signify just who and what your brand is all about.

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