FASTSIGNS Convention

Stealing the Show with Digital Signs and Digital Kiosks

The Opportunity

The world is going digital. Conventions, meetings and events are at the forefront of this revolution. Digital signs and digital kiosks provide the opportunity to integrate digital media into your convention and event planning.

The Challenge

For FASTSIGNS® International’s annual convention in Dallas, the meeting planners wanted to grab the attention of convention attendees, visitors and guests.

The staff wanted to make finding rooms easier and less stressful. Meeting planners also needed to display room reservations, convention agendas and promote upcoming events such as keynote speeches and the awards dinner.

The Solution

Digital signs and digital kiosks helped to make breakout sessions more visible, raise awareness of schedule changes and promote specific classes and upcoming events.

FASTSIGNS provided seven digital kiosks and one touch screen digital kiosk to help with wayfinding and communications. The digital kiosks provided an innovative way for FASTSIGNS to get specific content noticed in a sea of convention information and offered superior image quality. The attractive, compelling messages generated more impact with the convention audience with motion, color and movement.

The digital kiosks were placed in strategic locations near the escalators and the Vendor Show. A touch screen digital kiosk was situated near the convention registration desk where people were likely to gather or stand in line. Near the classroom doors, digital kiosks were angled for enhanced visibility as people walked down the hallways. And, a wayfinding digital kiosk was preloaded with the convention floor plans and promotions.

Matt Miles, FASTSIGNS Director of Technology, said that digital kiosks communicated rotating schedules for each classroom and promoted upcoming events.

“To identify the rooms, we used a plug and play solution that could be pre-loaded with content and scheduled in advance,” Miles said.

The digital kiosks did not require internet connectivity. The convention staff decided to make changes to the kiosks using a USB/jump drive when a convention speech required more time than the original schedule allowed.

FASTSIGNS adjusted the kiosk time schedules quickly and easily.


The Content Development

FASTSIGNS created the content for the digital kiosks in PowerPoint using animations and graphic transitions for visual appeal.

Jason Myers, FASTSIGNS’ Senior Manager of Training, used content creation software called Ad Creator for the designs and uploaded three primary videos that included a list of daily activities, sponsorship recognitions and promotions for the upcoming FASTSIGNS Outside Sales Summit.

Myers said, “Once I created the videos, I chose the days for programming and play days for the events, advertisements and promotions.”

Using a separate USB/jump drive for each kiosk, Myers managed different content for each of the digital kiosks and integrated different room schedules.

The touch screen digital kiosk required Scala, the most robust and reliable digital signage software in the world. FASTSIGNS provides Scala software as a service to reduce technical requirements and the learning curve by hosting the actual server.

“[FASTSIGNS] used Scala software to make immediate changes to the schedule remotely and without interruptions to playback,” Miles stated. “The changes were seamless to the audience.”


The Result

Digital signage allowed FASTSIGNS to communicate more information in multiple locations. The digital kiosks were dynamic, attention-getting tools for communicating focused messages to reach convention attendees. A highly-technical presentation, digital signs and digital kiosks are less expensive and easier to deploy than printing last minute rigid signs.

Successful conventions, meetings and events require advance planning and careful marketing strategies to engage attendees and generate interest. Building a commanding presence with digital signage is a great way to capture more attention and deliver effective messages that steal the show during an important event.

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