Digital Signage Logistics

SIGNWAVE® Australia will help you identify not only the right locations to place your digital displays, but also the right process needed for successful implementation. As an example, a retailer may place digital signage at the point of sale to drive last minute purchases, while a doctor's office would stream educational content into a waiting room. A busy campus could place digital signage in multiple locations including office buildings, food services outlets, gathering rooms and event venues. Whether your high-definition message is best on the side of a building or in an on-site sales center we'll help guide the way.

  • Logistics-Connectivity

    We provide different ways to help you get connected and review your needs before making a recommendation.

  • Logistics-Installation

    We stage the hardware (such as cables and mounts) and set up the system to ensure proper operation before completing a full installation in your location.

  • fastsigns_digital_signs_logistics_site_survey
    Site Survey

    We secure the right location to ensure a good viewing experience. We also take into account safety, electrical connections, Internet and network connectivity.

  • Logistics-Troubleshooting

    SIGNWAVE® Australia and our digital vendor equipment providers offer multiple levels of technical support to assure your messages are up and running with minimal downtime.