Digital Content Strategy

The success of any digital signage program starts with knowing how to visually communicate your message with great content that works in a particular digital signage viewing environment.

Content can be created with a variety of images and video files from assets you already own or original content that SIGNWAVE® Australia will create for you. Whether your audience is shoppers, diners,visitors, students, employees or some other group, understanding an audience's "wants" and "needs" is paramount to developing meaningful and relevant content.

SIGNWAVE® Australia takes the time to understand your messaging objectives, the length of time you have to capture your audience's attention and what messages will resonate most. Then we create, gather and assemble images, live feeds, video clips and other assets required to make a connection with your audience. 

Our comprehensive digital signage services help you communicate your messages to your audience in an engaging, efficient manner.

Define Objectives

Our high-level approach begins with helping you define clear business objectives and setting measurable goals to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your digital signage solution.

Playlist Planning and Development

SIGNWAVE® Australia will develop your playlist including multiple content spots ranging from just a few seconds to several minutes each. You can broadcast the message on one display or multiple displays to keep your audience engaged and entertained while you educate people and gain interest in your brand, product, event or company.

Content Style Guidelines

We understand the importance of brand consistency and will use approved typefaces, logos and other assets that represent your brand in a compliant way. We will follow your existing style of brand guidelines to ensure that all of your brand assets are used correctly in digital signage. If you don't have brand standards, we can develop and design a style guide exclusively for you.

Content Scheduling

Whether you're using a single or multi-display digital solution, it's important to show the right content at the right time. SIGNWAVE® Australia can manage this process to ensure your messages reach the intended audience loud and clear at the appropriate time.

Content Display Structure

Many times, clients have multiple messages they want to communicate on a single digital display. If this is the case, we can divide those messages into zones to relay several pieces of information at once such as weather, news updates or interest rates, as an example.

Template Design

We're committed to processes that create greater efficiency for your business. SIGNWAVE® Australia will design templates that allow us or you to make easy, cost-effective changes or updates such as new pricing, interest rates, names and more. These templates incorporate common themes, fonts and colors to stay true to your brand.