Rethinking Healthcare Décor

Author: Linda Sultmann

Healthcare providers today are rethinking hospital décor. No longer committed to the stark, bland white walls and muted decoration, healthcare facilities are becoming more colorful and patient-friendly.

A Healthy Does of Design

Research shows that creating a stimulating and imaginative environment has a positive effect on moods and, in recent years, this has been taken more seriously in healthcare facilities. Healthcare experts are collaborating with designers, artists, architects, and other visual display professionals (like us) to create environments that not only make it easier, more comfortable, and less confusing to get around but to positively impact the psychological well-being of patients.

The methods we use aren't necessarily elaborate or expensive, but the effect they have can be invaluable.

Wall design

Greet them with colour

Many facilities are replacing their sterile, white lobby and reception walls with displays of colour to enliven the décor and make the visit a more affirming experience from the outset.

Wall Design

Fun, easy-to-decipher wayfinding

It's hard enough to navigate tricky health issues without having to waste time and brain power figuring out what floor you're meant to be on. In recent years, we have seen many easy-to-read, visually fun wayfinding systems that use simple language and engaging symbols.

Wall Design

Treatment room treatments

Not limited to waiting rooms, hallways and public spaces, some progressive healthcare providers like dentists and oncologists have taken their décor overhauls to the next level with larger-than-life wall decals and even medical equipment wraps designed to reduce stress during treatments.

Wall Decals

Interactive displays

Interactive signage displays make for a more efficient check-in process, allowing multiple patients to check-in while freeing up office employees to manage other tasks and reducing patients' wait time. Touch screens are also being introduced to many children's hospitals to help engage kids through colour and sensory play - to act as a welcome distraction for them.

Let us help you review your healthcare facility and provide you with signage and visual display solutions that earn you a reputation as somewhere that cares.