How Signage Can Secure Your Construction Site and Build Your Business

Author: Linda Sultmann

There's more than meets the eye to running a successful construction business. Not only are you tasked with creating the world's greatest and most needed structures, but you also need to ensure worker safety, try to keep the general public in the vicinity safe and on the side, as well as promote your brand.

Constructive Branding

The combination of large, multi-faceted projects and powerful machinery in a hectic and demanding environment make construction a tricky - if not rewarding - business to be in. Comprehensive signage solutions can go a long way to making construction a safer and more seamless process.


Construction hazard signs play a vital role in reducing the number of injuries and fatalities from construction accidents. Add them to fencing, scaffolding, ladders, and stairways, at entrances, and in trenches.


It is important to provide a means of navigation for visitors and workers looking for points of entrance, parking, and onsite offices. Directional signage keeps things organised and running smoothly at your job site as well as keeping unauthorized people out of restricted areas.


Keep workers, suppliers, visitors, and the general public updated on licensing project schedules, and basic information about your development with notices. Notice signage can also reduce confusion and frustration surrounding the length of time construction is taking, footpath or road closures, and other inconveniences to the community.


Your fencing signage - as well as vehicle and equipment wraps - are also great opportunities for advertisement. Bring your brand to life and raise awareness of your business using bright visuals and captivating keywords to make an impact on sub-contractor-based organizations, suppliers, passers-by, and the wider community.

SIGNWAVE can print graphics on fencing to protect and promote what you are building; create identification signs for your construction sites; help enhance safety through signs that ensure safety compliance; and add vehicle graphics to your fleet of company trucks and equipment. Give us a call today to discuss.