Creating a Retail Experience to Remember


Think of your store as a gift shop... And your point-of-sale as the ribbon on the box.


Remember the last time you were in the souvenir shop of a tourist attraction? In a sense, it's irrelevant what people buy from the gift shop. Ultimately, what they get is a brand reminder - a memento - of a satisfactory customer experience.

OK, it may be stretching things to believe that our products are mere tokens of how we make them feel - it's not like anyone bought a MacBook because their trip to the Genius Bar gave them the warm and fuzzies (although ...)

But, we are at an age and stage where if you go out of your way to provide a remarkable experience, you are very likely to entice people away from their homes and their devices and into your retail premises. This means creating a pleasing aesthetic; dazzling with your product displays; tempting with your specials and features; entertaining with unexpected displays of colour, movement, and innovation; and leaving your mark as a shopping destination that will be remembered.

Retailers today need to see their businesses every much as service-based as they are product-based.

There are countless ways retailers can up the aesthetic ante, and point-of-sale is key. If you don't get the last impression right, the first impression won't mean as much.

At your point-of-sale:

  • Alert customers to changing promotions, prices, and featured products.
  • Entice them to buy with their hearts rather than heads.
  • Provide product information they may have not had a chance to take in while browsing.
  • Surprise and impress them by sharing and demonstrating company values, initiatives, and news.
  • Encourage impulse buys that are too easy to take and too irresistible to pass up.

Most importantly, the point-of-sale is your chance to end things on a positive note. It is the big finale that summarises your branded story and their customer experience. It's what they will walk out with and hopefully, for what they will return.

Positive Notes

Positive Notes

Positive Notes