99 Ways to Boost Your Business With Signs and Displays in 2020

Author: Kirsty Koopmans

If you’re planning on accelerating the growth of your business in 2020, getting your name and your message out there is crucial.

Signage and display can make you unignorable to potential clients, customers, stakeholders and more. Use them to improve your brand awareness. Promote sales. Let people know you’re open (let them know you’re there). Show them that your products or services are what’s missing in their lives.

Here are 99 ideas to improve your business:

99 ideas

  1. Revamp your reception to throw a big bucket of WOW over anyone that crosses your threshold.
  2. Frosted glass for the win – filter light, create privacy and look stunning in the process.
  3. Acrylic isn’t only for nails – your best friend when you want to look both sophisticated and high-tech.
  4. Vinyl can look divine(al) – custom-made vinyl lettering is a sleek, professional way to showcase your business name, hours of operation, or brand logo.
  5. You better shape up – Think outside the square. Signs that are round or hexagon or even in the shape of your mascot are more likely to stand out.
  6. This little light of mine - Put your name or your message in the best light with back lit displays that make your advertising and informational messages readable in any setting and any lighting.
  7. Pay attention to Pantone – Every year, Pantone announces a colour of the year that serves as guidance for the hue that people respond to best.
  8. Logo a go go – Put your crest or logo in as many places as possible – especially if your organisation spans great spaces (e.g. schools, universities, hospitals).
  9. Improve the parking experience – Nothing frustrates people more than inconvenient, inconsiderate parking environments. Win the parking situation and you’ve won them over.
  10. Promote your values – Get creative with walls and banners. Use them to express ideas that connect you with others.
  11. Find an ally in aluminium - Lightweight, yet sturdy, available in a variety of colours and finishes, highly durable, weathers the elements without rusting and a great choice for outdoor signs
  12. Carved Wood Signs – They last a long time and look great.
  13. Make an entrance – There’s nothing like a grand entrance to making folks feel welcome and impressed.
  14. Take it to the third dimension – 3D letters and logos that stand out (literally) can be made from materials like acrylic, PVC, foam, and wood.
  15. Update your menus – update and create great menu board systems that use the right mix of creative content, legibility and layout.99 ideas
  16. Fly your fabric flags – They’re lightweight, rich colours, easy to ship, and washable.
  17. Rev up your mobile marketing - Custom vehicle wraps and graphics will turn heads at all hours of the day and night, building awareness of your company with every trip.
  18. Interchangeable notice board - You can update them with funny messages and quotes and go viral on Facebook (alternatively, you can just post timely information about your organisation that people might find useful).
  19. Use your fence – Fence signage can concurrently get attention and create an atmosphere.
  20. Look down - Use floor graphics to direct traffic, promote an event, carry on a theme or maintain safety.
  21. Look up - Take advantage of all of your available space - when wall space is limited, look to the ceiling for underused advertising and branding areas. You can hang signage or even create custom designed tiles or graphics.
  22. Walls - The most visible space in any facility are the walls - use them to their full effect with a creative and effective visual communication strategy.
  23. En-Counters of the fun kind - Counter displays make your workplace pop. Branded counters promote your business and complete any space.
  24. That’s a wrap – Equipment, machinery, cement pylons, elevators ... basically anything that will stand still can be wrapped in brand-tastic or beautiful designs.
  25. Walls that motivate – Motivate staff or students with inspiring messages and keywords that liven up any environment.
  26. Make a landmark decision – Use unique, identifiable graphics – like murals – that can be used as landmark wayfinding guides.
  27. Up the ante with your building signs - Your message and your name deserve to stand out, whether it’s a large sign on top of headquarters or a monument sign – freshening up your look outside can create renewed interest.
  28. Consider PVC – Its matte finish reduces glare, hides fingerprints and can be cut easily into shapes, so you can create custom applications.
  29. Wayfinding needs to be way good - Are there any sections of your place where people get confused? When visitors can move quickly and efficiently through your facility, their experience improves tenfold.
  30. Bathroom antics – More and more, businesses are having fun with their bathroom identity and wayfinding signage. Extend your brand, complement the décor and/or make people laugh. How can signs improve my business?
  31. You lightbox up my life - Use light boxes to create vibrant, colourful displays that attract attention – ideal for exterior signs and used extremely effectively by restaurants.
  32. Throwback signage – Conjure up all the classic, arty feels with retro/vintage signage styles using freestyle lettering or neon.
  33. You’re terrible, Mural (not!) – Whether it’s in an urban setting, a factory, office or hospitals, murals enliven a space and bring a sense of vibrancy and atmosphere (and can be used as a landmark wayfinding solution).
  34. Finding neon – Have we mentioned how powerful lighting is when it comes to signage? Bring your brand to light using bright, colourful neon signs. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs and patterns.
  35. Remember the Doors? – Not just a legendary band from the sixties, doors are a point of introduction in your business and can be branded with lettering, wall graphics and decals.
  36. Regularly changing window graphics - Easy Dots are removable, re-positionable and, in some cases, reusable media that make changing out window graphics, wall graphics and floor graphics so simple.They are bubble-free, simple to apply, residue free; removable from most surfaces, and suitable for short term outdoor use.
  37. Staff rooms – Motivate your staff and reduce their stress by installing graphics and messages throughout the workplace. The world’s your oyster – choose images, designs, photography, quotes and keywords that best reflect your business.
  38. Enhance your brand – by revamping your look. Here’s 4 easy ways to stand out in 2020.
  39. Where the streets have your name – Use vivid graphics, banners and eye-catching window displays to bump up your street appeal.
  40. Use imagery that you love – Use your favourite imagery to excite not just your customers but yourself; unite the brand across multiple spaces and stand out as a pioneer and visionary.
  41. One way or another – Brand your vehicle without distorting your view when driving with one way vision solutions.
  42. Has it dawned on you to use your awnings? – Yep, they can be custom branded too.
  43. Router cut logos, lettering and shapes – Our state of the art equipment can bring your brand and your ideas into multi-dimension.
  44. Privacy please! - Create private spaces for meeting rooms, admin staff, in retail or healthcare environments. Frosting is an obvious choice but you can also use big, striking images instead.
  45. Special need signage – Take into consideration the special needs of your visitors – offer braille signs, design décor that is soothing for those with sensory issues, positioned at a convenient height for those in wheelchairs and offer easy to understand wayfinding information for anyone feeling anxious.
  46. Simply superior office interior – It can be as simple as re-skinning your existing doors, bench tops and walls to create a stunning, modern new look. Check it out.
  47. Create a commanding exterior - Custom lightboxes with acrylic lettering, vinyl and digital directory boards, monument signs and even A-frames are some of the ways to add something special outside your premises.
  48. Don’t fight plaque (leave that to dentists) – Plaques identify rooms, honour achievers and commemorate fallen heroes.
  49. A big gig for the big rigs – Even if your truck is the size of a small house, you can still wrap it. The bigger the better!
  50. Trust us, you can afford to brand your car – If you’ve got a big budget, you can go the full enchilada with the full wrap, but if your budget is more modest, there are plenty of options for you. What are signs?
  51. Vans too! - Help increase brand visibility when you’re on the road making deliveries.
  52. Safety in numbers – Enhancing safety is a non-negotiable and a no brainer, but you can get creative with safety compliance.
  53. Event Planning 101 - You can't have a successful event if you can't draw or excite a crowd. If you need inspiration, look no further.
  54. This is in tents (and on marquees)! - A customised tent or marquee at a festival or outside event can provide shelter for employees and guests while also promoting your brand or logo.
  55. Look at the small print – After you’ve finished looking at the bigger picture, prints and displays, take the steps to extend your reach with small print items like lanyards, programs, brochures, business cards and postcards.
  56. Fine art is a fine art – Create vibrant, high-resolution reproductions of original photographs, paintings and other artwork.
  57. Fencing that passers-by will mesh with - Fencing with mesh banners that are bold and bright will draw attention to your site.
  58. Four seasons in one day – Drawing a crowd is a very good thing but looking after it is crucial. Don’t forget to provide easy to see and understand wayfinding solutions (that can withstand weather and traffic).
  59. Set the table – Great at an event to hide resources hidden under tables, but did you know you can apply graphics to them too?
  60. Freestanding directional signage – Show them the way with freestanding directional signage like A-frames, posters, banners and flags that can very handily be re-purposed for multi-venue events, shows and festivals.
  61. Have you considered corflutes? – lightweight and cost effective substrates for your menu boards, special event signs, POS, directional and information and more.
  62. Take over the city without wrecking it – You can promote events and provide wayfinding for them with temporary but durable signage wrapped around city structures.Marketing ideas
  63. Shoot that reflective arrow ... Consider the benefits of directional signage on reflective substrates for increased visibility.
  64. Banner stands - Promote your products, programs, fundraisers and special events virtually anywhere with portable, easy-to-use banner stands. These freestanding, vertical-banner stands display your banners with dramatic impact.
  65. Don’t forget about maps - Provide thematically composed maps that allow visitors to navigate the space depending on their needs.
  66. This is monumental - Done right, there is nothing more commanding than a monument sign – custom made to fit your brand and positioning - outside your building to give your business an edge.
  67. Aussies expect a lot from their festivals - Forget subtlety. Display and safety signage should be bold, bright and prominently placed. Banners, flags and interactive digital kiosks are all great ways of establishing your message.
  68. Standees for piccies - These exceptional and useful displays add dimensional interest in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want a free-standing standee or a mounted cut out, these are great for branded photo opportunities.
  69. Speaking of photo ops at events - Media walls are great for all kinds of events, from product launches, awards presentations, sponsor walls and press conferences.
  70. OMG it’s O week - Communicate your culture and make a warm first impression with a décor that exudes colour and vibrancy with larger-than-life window and wall graphics, decals on doors, banners across facilities, vinyl and dimensional letters and canvas prints in hallways.
  71. Hanging on to every word – Hanging banners are easy to install, they clip into ceiling tiles or screw into the ceiling.
  72. FOMO promo – Don’t miss out on promoting your business, cause or event with printed promo items like hats, shirts, umbrellas, drink bottles – even personalised sunscreen.
  73. Start your registrations please – Hotels and event organisers, take advantage of welcoming, informing, selling (and data capturing) at registration desks with signs and graphics.
  74. Get social media friendly in person – #hashtag when the physical and digital worlds converge. Use event hashtags on Insta-worthy displays that can be shared and linked in social media posts.
  75. Take on trade shows – You can opt for easy modular systems or unique custom displays using eye-catching counters, banner stands, cutouts, and table top displays.Marketing ideas
  76. Acrylic at events – Acrylic is idyllic on event stands because it can be cut to different shapes and sizes. You can build it into desks and other furniture and fit outs.
  77. Up your POS game - Signage that attracts interest, encourages message retention and drives sales; also, great at motivating additional purchases.
  78. Make for easy reading – Readability is crucial. Signs that provide larger than life branding, and are easy to understand can never be underestimated. Consider this in the design stage.
  79. Think inside the box – Present a professional image at your next tradeshow - from briefcase-sized, self-contained displays to medium-sized pop-up displays, all are quick to set-up, easy to transport and affordably priced.
  80. Decals: de-can do - Durable long-lasting decals, labels, and stickers attach to a variety of surfaces including windows, vehicles, walls, floors, products, pavement and packaging, making an impression that sticks.
  81. More metal - Metal signs are sturdy, weather-resistant and available in a variety of colours, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use.
  82. Put your name in sight at the site - Use site signs to draw potential customers to your properties and let area residents know who owns the site. From small identification signs to large signs showing the finished project, site signs attract attention and generate interest in your services and properties.
  83. Hoardings create anticipation - Branded and vibrant hoardings for temporary and permanent sites for retail, construction and renovations work for you while work is in progress.
  84. Pop up where they least expect you – Pop-up stores and displays are a way of temporarily extending your reach to take your business where your target audience are – rather than the other way around.
  85. Bring your A (frame) game - Catch the eyes of passersby with professional a-frame signs.
  86. Go REALLY big: Billboards, large format posters, colourful murals and wall graphics can achieve maximum visibility and larger than life presence.
  87. Step up! - Creative floor graphics can be applied to stairs making them a versatile choice in the in stadiums, offices, complexes, museums and more!
  88. Not just another brick in the wall - Many people are surprised to discover that creative decals and signs can be applied (and look great) on bricks.
  89. Encourage organisation and collaboration with décor - ... on glass partitions, in conference room and break areas.
  90. Exit strategy - Do you have safety signs that clearly identify emergency exits and are compliant in case of an emergency evacuation situation?
  91. This is a safe space - Ditto wayfinding for employees, customers and patients requiring a safe meeting space in times of inclement weather and emergency situations.99 marketing ideas
  92. Classify Dangerous Areas - Caution signs can direct traffic around or safely through a highly-dangerous area. By using contrasting colours on danger zone signs, you provide higher visibility for observers.
  93. Maintain franchise consistency - As a franchise, SIGNWAVE understands the importance of consistent branding in multiple geographic locations managed by different teams. We’ve also worked with some of the world’s biggest brands like Mcdonald's and Harley Davidson to help them achieve the same. Find out from us how you can, too.
  94. Honour thy history while embracing thy future - Modern print and display techniques and technologies can be used to both vintage and modern approaches using billboards and post-and-panel signs, vehicle wraps, menu boards and promotional items.
  95. Assign colours – Use colours to help visitors navigate floors, employees identify departments or even students get familiar with school “houses” and faculties.
  96. Don’t be scary – Hospitals, health and aged care facilities that move away from sterile, bland décor and embrace colour make your visitors feel more relaxed and become more effective healers in the process.
  97. Stand out from the marketing millions – People are exposed to millions of messages and brands every year. Oh so much marketing. Come up with a catchy, non-cliché possibly irreverent or funny strapline that will cut through.
  98. Go old school – freestyle, hand-painted signs are art and are definitely a thing.
  99. Podium Graphics: An event staple, a podium can be given a creative facelift with easy-to-install graphics, decals, or wraps that extend your event branding and present a professional look.