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The Secret to Putting on a Good Festival

Author: Linda Sultmann

Longer days and the promise of warmer weather can only mean one thing: it's festival season. Take your festival from OK to awesome with these ideas.

Festival season

And, if there's one word that can sum up what it takes to put on a successful festival: experience.

Whether you're organising a local fun run or orchestrating a major city-wide extravaganza, a great festival experience is one where everything goes smoothly - from promotion to ticket sales, transport, navigation, ambiance, access to event information, and everything in between. It's all about the big attractions and the little details.

Take your festival from OK to awesome with these ideas:

Banners and posters

Boost attendance with attention-grabbing banners and captivating posters.

Banners and posters

Incite ticket sales with bold booths and informative guides.

Booths and guides

Create colorful backdrops, stunning stage graphics, custom canopy tents, and clever menu boards that extend the theme of your event.

Colorful Backdrops, Stunning Stage Graphics, Custom Canopy Tents

Help guests find their way around with custom-designed posters mapping out the venue's activity areas, vendor booths, refreshment options, and bathroom facilities.

Vehicle wraps in design
Brand festival transport - like vans and buses - with temporary partial vehicle wraps and decals.

Give your festival-goers an exhilarating, informed, and inclusive experience. Let SIGNWAVE you put together an event that will have people calling for it to be an annual event for years to come.