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Out of Home Advertising for Every Budget

Author: Linda Sultmann

Out-of-home advertising is a fast-growing and highly effective advertising channel and can work for businesses with both big and modest budgets.


I don’t know about you but when I’m stuck in traffic, anything visual that can pass the time is a welcome distraction! Luckily, there has been huge innovation in design technology and substrates so vehicle branding has become more colorful, durable, and visually exciting in direct proportion to the congestion of traffic. It’s a sliding scale: one’s getting better while the other’s getting worse!

But you don’t need a huge budget to turn heads and stop traffic. Did you know that it’s possible to dress up your company vehicles with graphics that attract attention without the investment of a full vehicle wrap?

Innovative thinking can help get your message on the road.

Start simple and still make an impact


Use the prime real estate


The rear window is a prime position from which to connect with a captive audience. One way of vision consists of a film applied to the external side of the glass. Its perforated holes ensure the driver maintains an unobstructed view while anyone outside sees perfectly formed graphics.

Sometimes less is more


Working with the base colour of the car can save money by limiting graphics for cost-effective decals.

Sometimes half done is a job well done (partial wraps)


Partial wraps can make smart use of the existing car colour and make a big statement at a fraction of the cost of full wraps.

Work with what you have


Colouring within the lines to grab attention and save you money.

The full monty


You can go creatively crazy with full wraps. A sensational option when you have a little more budget and especially called for when your fleet features heavily in how you work and where you go.

Whatever you go for, we recommend you go for something. Car signage requires very little time or effort and it will boost your marketing endeavours significantly.


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