Stand out from the crowd this sale season


Sale time isn't for the faint hearted. For a start, there are so many different themes. Then of course, there is the competition - online and on the street. To draw a crowd, you need to make your mark with vitality and agility.

Stand out from the crowd this sale season

Here are a few ideas on making a visual impact this sale season with removable graphics that can be swapped, removed and - in some cases - recycled - as easily as they are installed.

Cut outs
Make products and offers stand out on the retail floor using unique point of sale signs and visual graphics that will have customers double-taking.

Floors and counters

Floors, counters and anything else that will stand still
Transform your floors into valuable ad space with floor graphics. Add custom graphics on your counters, equipment, and shelving.

Posters and prints

Posters and prints
Use printed posters and canvas prints to illustrate what your products offer - show them in use in inviting environments.

A Frames
Invite passers-by to come in and be tempted by discounts using directional signage. Place a-frame signs that stand out to street traffic and point the way.

Window graphics
Window graphics
Windows are one of the easiest surfaces on which to change displays regularly.  Fill your window displays with seasonal themed graphics to promote your big offer. Provide a funny slogan or hashtag to increase awareness and curiosity.

Ceiling banners
Ceiling Banners
Hang ceiling banners throughout the shop to identify specific products and direct customers to where they are located.

We draw on a range of printing techniques and substrates that will get you sales-ready to take on the competition, with easily removable graphics that can transform your store back post-sales without hassle.