Exercise your decor muscle


Fit and strong branding for your environment. Genesis Fitness embarked on a total décor overhaul to enhance their customers’ experience and connection with their brand.

One building and a big brand experience

With colourful displays and graphics on walls and counters in the reception area and the workout spaces, carried through to directional and wayfinding signage throughout the facility, Genesis made every aspect of the building an extension of their brand. 

A dynamic décor makes a big impression and has the power to keep existing customers connected to your business. 

Exercise your decor muscleEnvironmental brandingGenesis Fitness

Using memorable colour, cuteness and humour to welcome; to amuse; to motivate. 

Colour cuteness and humourGenesis Fitness welcoming customers 

Using large-scale typography, fun messaging and dynamic imagery, visitors get an automatic sense of who Genesis are and what they stand for.

Instore and eyecatchingTell a brand storeFitness centre decor

Rather than catching the eye of the passer-by, instore signage already has a captive, engaged audience so there is more time and freedom to tell the brand story in a playful or more meaningful way. 

It doesn’t take much effort to use décor to express your business’ personality where customers can become emotionally invested in an authentic experience. 

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