Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Wayfinding Solutions Approved by Architects and Interior Designers

Author: Linda Sultman

The best wayfinding systems are those that are harmonious with the environment and design of a location - complementing the visual language of a brand, yet remaining functional.


We are seeing great examples of creative wayfinding installations by companies who are converting to activity-based working practices - where, instead of being allocated a single desk, employees are located in different zones depending on the type of activity they are involved in time. Wayfinding is extremely important in these instances not only to identify zones and direct traffic but to support the atmosphere of the environment that each activity requires.

Not limited to the corporate world, universities and schools, shopping centres, medical facilities, and event-based organizations are leading the way in creating wayfinding systems that put the user first - their safety, their enjoyment, and their convenience.
Wayfinding that wows works with architecture, landscapes, digital information, landmarks, and other visual cues such as colour palettes and lighting.


Building/Office Wayfinding


Event Wayfinding


Recreational/Venue Wayfinding

For best results, make wayfinding a collaborative process between you, your signage company, your architect, event planner, and interior designer.