Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Wayfinding 101: The Best Ways to Help Navigate the School Yard

Author: Kirsty Koopmans

It’s vital that both students and visitors be able to navigate various pathways around the school easily and almost intuitively.

What signs to use for wayfinding?

Finding classrooms, canteen facilities, administration offices, getting to the toilet in a hurry – and even understanding the location of safe drop off areas – is instrumental in maintaining a smooth-running, learning-friendly environment.

There are four fundamental and effective wayfinding signage solutions that can help ensure a stress-free and time-efficient school experience for everyone:

Floor Graphics

Vinyl graphics or images displayed on the ground that point the way. These are positioned low so great for kids and are durable so they can withstand daily foot traffic – plus they can be customised in various colours and shapes to draw interest.

Tear Drop Flags

The shape and fabric of tear drop flags allow them to be spotted from a distance but do not flap easily or fray. Perfect for use both indoors and outdoors – are colourful and can be positioned high for greater visibility.

Corflute Signage

Also suitable for use inside school corridors or outside in the playground or at the front of the school, corflute signages are lightweight and weather-resistant and highly cost-effective.


Here’s where you can have some real fun. Custom laser cut signage that can be created in the shape of an arrow or 3D words or an animal shape to appeal to children. These become easily identifiable points of reference and a memorable source of wayfinding information. Can be created using a range of substrates such as wood or metal to suit your school’s environment, needs and budget.

Wayfinding at school

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