Wayfinding/Directional Signage

Resuscitate Our Signage

Author: Linda Sultmann

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have come leaps and bounds away from an outdated reputation for being daunting, drab, confusing environments. In fact, in this ever-growing industry, it is considered a competitive advantage to invest in beautiful and bright décor and signage that makes it easy to navigate the facilities.

Save our signs

By overhauling dated décor and integrating it with a comprehensive contemporary signage solution, organisations that focus on life-giving for others can give their premises a new lease on life.

Here’s how:

  • Colourful wayfinding imagery – using images and feature prints as memorable landmarks and directional guides.
  • Attractive, easy to read building identification - making it simple for patients and visitors to know where to go.
  • Erasable hospital room patient boards – making things easier for staff and patients alike.
  • Hygienic signage solutions – silicone can be used to seal panels to protect artwork from germs.

Ready to revive your healthcare facility to provide a more pleasing environment for your staff, patients and residents? SIGNWAVE can help with an innovative approach to signage and display.

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