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Making a Visual Impact With Glassboards 7 Ways to Go From Dull to Polished

Author: Linda Sultmann

From high-end to practical, glass boards provide a unique opportunity for your visual graphic needs.

The applications for glass boards extend far beyond a writing surface and expand into décor and architectural features. Let’s take a look at some applications of glass boards that can make a visual impact on customers and visitors.

Architectural Feature

A transparent, white, or hued wall made of glass can create separation in an open space while doubling as a writing surface if needed. Glass offers a sleek, high-end look that can be integrated into other interior décor elements.

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Digital Signage

Since high-quality glass boards are clear, they make an ideal substrate to showcase a digital sign behind it and offer a smooth and modern way to present digital content. This approach also allows you to write on the glass over the screen during a planning meeting or to emphasize important data or features.

Magnetic Surface

Magnetic glass boards are great as a project board in a conference room or in individual workspaces to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Branding and Décor

Your logo is sure to stand out when it is expressed in the glass inside your restaurant, retail location, corporate office, or facility. The glossy finish of glass helps enhance colours and capture the attention of those passing by.

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Healthcare Board

Hospitals and clinics will find glass boards a perfect solution to display information in patient rooms as they wipe clean to eliminate sensitive information from being left behind. Glassboard is also non-porous which helps resist germs while presenting a professional and polished appearance.


Thinking outside the box can yield big results when you are working with glass boards. A desk made out of glass looks upscale while allowing the functionality of easy collaboration during meetings since it can double as a writing surface. It may even reduce the use of paper for hurried note-taking.

Mobile Writing Surface

Mobile boards let you take your brainstorming on the move. They nest for easy storage and can move from room to room with ease.

From high-end to practical, glass boards can provide a unique opportunity for your visual graphic needs. Enhance the look of your business or facility by incorporating glass boards.