Why Acrylic Signs Are So Appealing

Author: Linda Sultmann

Are you looking to create a sophisticated, high-tech look in your place of business? If so, acrylic signage may be the perfect choice for you.

Acrylic signs

If you’ve ever seen stunning signage at restaurants, in retail and in showrooms, in architectural firms or at trade shows – chances are you’ve admired acrylic signage.

The advantages of this style made from an extremely versatile plastic sheet with a glossy finish (Plexiglas) is that it is highly durable and available in a variety of colours.

More advantages and uses of acrylic signage:

  • It can be used to create lettering in a range of thicknesses that can be painted to suit the brand.
  • It can be cut to different shapes and sizes.
  • You can build it into desks and other furniture and fit outs.
  • It can give a new dimension to a panel sign.

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Acrylic signs