Simple Tips for Using Lighting to Create Maximum Impact With Signage

Author: Linda Sultmann

Lighting is one of the simplest ways to create maximum impact with your signage. Illuminate your outdoor signage with options like light boxes, dramatic LED signs, or mounted lighting fixtures to improve readability at night. You can also transform your dark or dull interiors with different lighting options.


One of the best ways to improve your signage is with lighting.

Simple lighting fixes can keep your business signage glowing 24 hours a day. Illuminate your outdoor signage with options like light boxes, dramatic LED signs, or mounted lighting fixtures to improve readability at night.

Spruce up indoor lighting in dark interiors with diverse lighting options. With the right fixtures, your signage can promote your business day and night.

But, what should you consider before choosing the right lighting option for your signage? These nine tips will help make sure the right people know where you are and what you do.

1. Light according to location

The type of lighting you choose for your signage should reflect where the sign is located. A sign in a poorly lit room will require different lighting techniques than an outdoor sign. You want to choose an illumination option that’s in accordance with your business’s neighborhood or the interior of your establishment. For example, you wouldn’t install a massive neon tube sign in a commercial area of corporate offices, nor would you use elegant box-lighting to illuminate a sign for your sports bar. Consider how the sign will look at night and how well it coordinates with similar signs in the area.


2. Select from the electric electives

Depending on whether you want to illuminate an existing sign or create one from the ground up, there are a few options for signage lighting. The most common lighted signs are full-colour LED graphics and picture displays. But whether you’re adding or creating, there will be dangerous electrical wiring work involved, so it’s best to consult with our trained professionals. Here are some of the most common signage lighting options:

Backlit Displays

Backlit displays make advertising readable in most settings and lighting. They are an easy way to creatively display things like your business’s logo or message. Backlit displays are great for directories in shopping centres or hospitals.

LED Signs

LED signs can be easily seen at night and you can change them as needed to adjust your messaging. Most signage lighting we see today is moving to LED as it is energy-efficient, dimmable, and works great in cold weather.

Neon Signs

Neon illuminated signs give a timeless and traditional feel to your signage. Think of the neon sign in the window of a café making it look inviting and vibrant. Neon signs are also cost-effective and come in a wide spectrum of colours.


Light Box Signs

Businesses can use light boxes to create vibrant, eye-catching displays. Not to be confused with backlit displays – which consist of typically LED bulbs across the whole back panel, light boxes feature light across the border of the sign. These are most effective when presenting dramatic visuals and important information. They are great in retail settings, airports, and hospitals as they allow your business to integrate words and images into exciting and informational arrangements.

3. Create an atmosphere with interior lighting fixtures

By adding simple lighting fixtures to signs already in place, you can easily bring your brand out of the dark. Adding warm sign lighting to the interior signage of a local café will create a comforting atmosphere. Installing LED spotlights on your menu board could attract passing foot traffic because the menu jumps out at passers-by.

4. Don’t skimp on materials

Once you’ve decided which sign lights to implement, speak with our consultants to pick the materials you want to use. If your sign is outdoors, it will need a lighting system to withstand different elements, depending on where you live. When choosing to light for indoor signage, your business might consider aesthetics more than durability.

With signage lighting, it’s important to go to a reputable brand for your lighting needs. At SIGNWAVE we do not recommend going cutting corners and using cheap materials. Use the best and showcase the best signage possible.

Let your games begin

Regardless of the type of illumination you intend to add to your signage, it’s important to consult with a professional to avoid any potential accidents. Get on the track to brighter advertising with lighting for your signage.


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