5 Awesome Ways Construction Companies Are Using Signage

Author: Linda Sultmann

Everywhere you look in modern metropolitan cityscapes there are cranes and construction sites forging ahead, building facilities and structures -making our cities bigger, better, and ramping up the wow factor. (You can't stop progress).

A site for sore eyes

Casting our gaze across construction sites around the world, we have noticed the striking and innovative ways big building companies are blinging out their brands.

1. Hoarding
No longer, plain placeholders, hoarding is becoming an art form in itself.

Wall Design

2. Humour
Providing information or safety warnings in a humorous way can be effective in both, getting attention and keeping people on the side in the face of disruptive work.

Safety Warnings

3. Ads on a crane
Taking advantage of the high visibility (to say the least) of cranes, many companies are either promoting their own business on their cranes or leasing the space to paid advertisers - often using lighting to enhance the look.


4. Double duty for equipment
Bulldozers, backhoes, and excavators can be adorned with graphics to turn any piece of equipment into an effective marketing tool.

Bulldozers, backhoes, and excavators

5. Custom vehicle graphics
The American Trucking Association's study, "The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic," revealed that 96% of people notice truck side ads. Eye-catching construction vehicles log a lot of kilometers and attention during deliveries, site visits, and client meetings.

Whether you're addressing concerns, providing protection, advertising businesses, or giving notice, construction sites are a prominent place to the word out. With a little bit of creativity and you can make your signage eye-catching as well as helpful and informative.