Happier Hospitals With Soothing Signage

Author: Amanda Rowland

Did you know that signage at healthcare facilities and hospitals can play a huge role in minimizing the stress people feel when they're at their most vulnerable?

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Healthcare providers are unique in that they are one of the few professionals that - on a daily basis - need to be able to perform their job when people are at their most vulnerable.

While going to hospital or undergoing medical treatment can be a daunting experience for patients and their families, the correct application of signage can help make the experience far less stressful. Consequently, it also makes it easier for medical professionals to care, assist and treat them.

Set the Tone

Set the tone from the moment your patients set foot through your door with bright and inviting window graphics. Soothing colours and serene images in reception areas and treatment rooms can assist in calming nervous patients and boosting feelings of well being.

Show the Way

There’s nothing more stressful in an urgent situation than not knowing where to go, so utilise wallpaper to create points of interest and waypoint markers for essential wayfinding in your facility. (Wall graphics are also the perfect distraction for younger patients!).

Check out some examples below of the inspiring signage solutions we have provided for the healthcare industry.

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