Event Signage That Shows the Way

Author: Linda Sultmann

Tips for incorporating wayfinding signage into your events that will enhance the experience.

Event signage

You can't have a successful event if you can't draw or excite a crowd.

You need to capture their attention with the biggest, brightest and loudest means possible in keeping with the occasion.

You need to direct people to selling points and attractions clearly and compellingly.

Don't limit your thinking to larger than life signs and banners either; stick a decal on the ground, the ceiling, a wall, a pole ... anything that will stand still.

And remember - just as important as making it memorable, is making the signage durable enough to withstand the crowds and the weather.

At SIGNWAVE, we specialise in unique wayfinding signage solutions that will take attendees from the car park to the front door. We can create easy to apply, easy to remove display graphics that will add colour and anticipation to your event.

Talk to us about how we can help make your day one for the ages.

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