Enhancing Healthcare Through Effective Signage

Author: Amanda Rowland

No Matter your Specialty, Signage is Ours

Vinyl lettering is a versatile option for labelling different rooms, departments, or specific areas, and offers clear and legible signage that aids in quick navigation. Frosted privacy vinyl is a visually appealing choice that enhances privacy in glass-walled spaces while adding an elegant touch. These vinyl graphics contribute to effective wayfinding while maintaining a cohesive and professional aesthetic throughout your facility.

Wall graphics can feature artwork, photographs, or informational content such as health-related messages, inspirational quotes, or educational visuals. They can be used in waiting areas, hallways, or patient rooms to create a positive and comforting environment for patients, visitors, and staff. SIGNWAVE Hawthorn used these bright wall graphics as part of a strategy that uses names of streets, local streetscapes, and colour cues to assist residents in navigating the hallways.

Digital signs act as a dynamic information hub within healthcare facilities. These versatile displays offer real-time communication, allowing for the promotion of events, the provision of updates, and the delivery of essential information to patients, visitors, and staff. The flexibility of digital signs and ability to deliver dynamic visuals make digital signs an effective tool for navigating and keeping individuals informed. Discover More

By incorporating consistent colours throughout signage, wayfinding becomes more intuitive and memorable. The use of colour-coded systems, such as different colours for various departments or services, helps individuals quickly identify the desired locations. Additionally, featuring logos and branding elements throughout the facility helps patients and visitors establish a visual connection with their environment. Consistent branding elements create a cohesive and professional atmosphere that aids in navigation and enhances the overall experience.

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