Do You Have a Fire-Breathing Unicyclist for Your Next Event?

Author: Linda Sultmann

Make your event, display or festival really pop with custom signage and display solutions. Stand out from the crowd and attract the audience right for you.

What about a performing monkey?

1 monkey & 2 children wearing medals

Performing monkeys and fire-breathing unicyclists are great for commanding onlookers' attention at an event. If you don’t have either of those handy you could think more strategically.

You could start by deciding whether it is attention in general that you are looking for or attention by the right people.

When planning your presence at your next exhibition, trade show, or festival, before calling in the circus performers, be sure to define your goals and the audience you are trying to reach. Do you want to hit a sales number or generate broader awareness? Talk to everyone at the show or an elite group of decision-makers? Tell them about features and benefits or lure them in with something less direct? By defining your end goal, you can determine the best strategies for optimizing your space, delivering an effective message, and attracting the right attendees.

kids drawing on chalk board

Did you know that in booth environments, you have approximately four seconds to engage someone who is walking past?

You are competing against others – against bright colours, aggressive and attractive spruikers, digital signage, motion graphics, product demos, and giveaways. However, it’s not just shiny playthings that attract people to a display, it’s the look and feel of a space. You want yours to be inviting, non-threatening, exciting, eye-catching, and unique.

Sydney Film Festival

You might have a large area in which to make your mark or you might have a tiny allocation, but either way, signage is the key to attracting the audience that you need to attract. Make your signs and graphics audience-centric by focusing on their needs rather than your sales points:

  • Make them easy to see and easy to read
  • Give people a reason to stop; get them curious with clever words
  • Make it clear: provide an answer to their question ‘what’s in it for me?’
  • Don’t use boring, boardroom buzzwords that don’t mean anything
  • Demonstrate a solution to a problem

Remember to keep in mind your target audience. Don’t waste precious time drawing in the great unwashed, so don’t be afraid to get specific with your messages to separate the curious from the qualified.

Sydney festival

Enlist the help of the professionals, visibility experts can help you come up with ideas you might not have ever thought of:

  • Incorporate quirky wayfinding and identification signage to attract and organise attendees.
  • Use wall murals to inspire and educate.
  • Small acrylic signs can be used to provide compelling details on individual products and services.
  • Touchscreens and digital displays serve as an inviting, interactive component featuring virtual tours, engaging presentations, detailed information and sales lead capture tools.
  • Banners, flags, and A-frame signs can create an atmosphere, capture attention and inform while creating less waste than brochures, flyers, or smaller paper options.

Talk to us today. We can walk you through all the visual communications options and opportunities for your next event.

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