Do Something Different With Your Event Signage

Author: Linda Sultmann

Have you considered unique signage and display options that will add variety, intrigue, and an extra dimension to your event aesthetic?

Unique event signage

One of the reasons Corflute (or corrugated plastic) signage is such a popular choice of event organisers is it is lightweight and cost-effective. It is ideal for a range of event communication applications like directional and informational, visual exhibitions, menu boards, point-of-sale and temporary promotional signage.

But, have you considered alternative signage and display options that will add variety, intrigue and an extra dimension to your event aesthetic?

Floor graphics

Turn your floors and stairs into valuable marketing spaces by placing durable, unique floor graphics underfoot.

PVC or Acrylic portable pylon signs

PVC and acrylic options are perfect temporary or short-term signage that will catch attention from afar, can be attached to steel structures and can be re-used each event or season.

Wall graphics

Wall graphics can transform walls, display tables, hoarding boards, containers, ticket booths, and more from static structures into themed, dynamic environments.

Use existing poles

Adorning poles with professionally-made signs, banners and flags allow you to expand your brand and reach a larger audience. Transform unsightly rows of poles into a decorative feature of your event venue.

You can create highly engaging, informative, and visually exciting events using a range of exhibit and display solutions from SIGNWAVE that are custom-made for trade shows, conferences, festivals, product launches and celebrations of every size, theme and budget.