Communicating COVID-19 Safety Measures to Customers

Author: Linda Sultmann

Spread the word. Communicate your safety measures effectively.

Spread the word

Getting used to the new normal that is COVID-19 means making safety paramount to everything you do.

For businesses that are able to continue operating it is vital that we are able to communicate clearly and visibly with customers and stakeholders.

Not only do you need to communicate to uphold safety, it is also important to offer assurances that you can continue to deliver, and to explain how you can continue to deliver responsibly, reliably, and compliantly.

Being proactive is the key to success. At SIGNWAVE, we can offer you immediate help with safety signage.

Use signage to communicate:

  • Instructions for new delivery procedures
  • Protocols for entering the building and interacting with staff
  • New safety measures for everyday operations
  • Hand washing and other safety reminders for staff
  • ‘We’ll be back’ door signs for businesses that are temporarily closed
  • Morale boosting wall graphics with positive messaging

We are ready to help you. You can find details of our new safety measures here.

Safety in a time of Coronavirus