Digital Signage Benefits

Digital signs provide a number of benefits to any business or organization including:

  • Time Savings:  Change your message, pricing or promotion without a long lead time. 

  • Message Diversity / Dispersion:  Different content – or the same content - on displays in one place or hundreds of different locations, and can be managed over the web. 

  • Reactive Marketing:  Change your messaging to meet the needs and demands of your customer, or to move excess inventory (winter apparel) or take advantage of weather or event opportunities (sell umbrellas when raining; share a message of celebration). 

  • Entertainment:  Use dynamic content to entertain your viewers and lower perceived wait time in line, in an office for an appointment, etc. 

  • Ease of Use:  Digital signs can be tailored to allow multiple levels of users and provide easy changes to variable data and content. 

  • Day Parting:  Communicate different messages at different times of the day, week, month, or year to ensure maximum impact based on seasonality, demographic and weather. 

  • Motion Graphics:  Display eye catching motion, graphics and video content.