Graphic Design

Revamp Your Look

Author: Kirsty Koopmans

Got big plans for 2020? It’s time for a new look to inspire your customers, staff and anyone that visits your premises. Start planning now to stand out from your competitors next year - new year, new look.

How to update workplace

Decor refresh

Refresh your decor: Inspire positivity and activity with exciting graphics on your walls, ceilings, floors, counters – even equipment.

First impressions

Make an eye-popping first impression: Turn your reception area into your brand ambassador with interesting graphics, bright colours, beautifully crafted signage and strategic lighting.

Sign redesign

Sign redesign: Upgrade your signage – everything from your building sign to directories and information walls. There are so many innovative substrates and production processes that can be used to modernise and improve the look of your business.

Mobile marketing

Invest in mobile marketing: Use your company vehicles to their maximum potential by applying unique, professionally designed custom wraps. We can turn any vehicle – from cars to trucks to trains to jet skis – into a mobile advertisement.

Talk to us now about your options – and hit the ground running in 2020.