Graphic Design

Make the Humdrum Fun!


Get creative with 'serious' signage.

Kids playing

There are things in life that are not particularly exciting, yet we have to do them. Organise our tax, unstack the dishwasher, and feed the kids.

When you own a place of business, making it look great to potential customers is the fun stuff; you can wow them with logos and colours and bold graphics.

Then come the have-to. You have to display safety signs. You have to give people directions. You have to let them know where they are. You have to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


But, not so fast. Once you think outside the box, you can get creative with the serious stuff – so that it’s stimulating as well as functional. Here’s how:

  • In your wayfinding signage, create a ‘point-of-interest’ that can be used as a landmark.
  • Use fun graphics to impart safety information.
  • Privacy screens don’t have to be frosted glass. Use big, striking images instead.
  • Colour code your wayfinding. Coordinate it with your interior and exterior design palette.
  • Use unexpected surfaces, objects, and substrates to display necessary information.
  • Advertise and promote your building and shopfront hoardings.

By bringing cool design and innovative print techniques to the mix, you can have fun with the humdrum.

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