Top Tips for Enhancing Your Retail Space

Author: Amanda Rowland

Have you ever thought about just how important signage is in a retail environment?

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Have you ever thought about just how important signage is in a retail environment? It’s far more than just lettering on windows and some red and white “Sale” signs. Signage needs to lure and captivate. The appearance of your store helps present the solution to a need your customer may not even be aware they had, so make sure your signage is working for you. Here’s a few points to consider when planning your retail update:

Is your store inviting and exciting?
First impressions are everything in retail. Make your windows spectacular with printed backdrops, contour-cut graphics, and vibrant vinyl text. Jazz up boring walls with custom-printed wall graphics. Add dimension with a feature product wall that incorporates bright graphics and colourful lighting.

Does your signage create desire?
Play on your customer’s fear of missing out. Use lifestyle images throughout your store to show what they could be enjoying if only they had your products. Make use of high-quality photographic poster prints, hanging fabric banners, and digital displays.

Is your signage informative?
Communicative signs can be a helpful tool for your sales arsenal. Display the key features of your products quickly and effectively with retractable bannerstands, instructional wall graphics, and interactive digital kiosks.

Have you utilised every opportunity?
Remember, signage is not just the big stuff. Don’t squander the chance to engage with your customers at every step. Advertise promotions with counter cards, shelf talkers, swing tags, stickers on changeroom doors and mirrors. Guide customers exactly where you want them with floor decals. And don’t forget the flyers in their bags!