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Go Big This Party Season!

Author: Linda Sultmann

How to make a scene with seasonal events and promotions. Don't just add to the noise. Stir up excitement and emotion.


From spring onwards; it is on like Donkey Kong.

Whether you’re in retail or hospitality or HR or marketing, from here on in the floodgates are open to any excuse for a party or a promotion. Around Halloween, Melbourne Cup, Christmas, New Year, and everything else after and in between there will be holiday marketing campaigns galore.

And why not? These events evoke a lot of excitement and emotion and the brands that do it well, do it very well.

You can be one of those brands this year that gets noticed. Go all-in by going big with your displays. It’s not as complicated or as costly as you would think.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Simple props and window graphics

Go big with window displays that feature simple props and spectacular window graphics.

Street signage that attracts crowd

Go big with showstopping building and street signage and installations that draw a crowd and Instagram posts.

Big words and symbols

Go big with words and symbols. Be provocative. Put a new twist on conventional platitudes, champion a cause, or create chaos with clever copy on the floor, ceiling walls, counters, equipment, promo products (or the horizon!).

LED lights

Go big with lights. Own the night with light boxes, dramatic LED signs, or mounted lighting fixtures.
Use feature wall graphics
Go big with décor. Use beautiful (or funny) feature wall graphics.

Mobile Marketing

Go big with mobile marketing. You can go for more temporary vehicle graphic options – like one-way vision window graphics, partial wraps, or car magnetics - that are easy and cost-effective to change once the promotion is over.