Sparrow Early Learning

Author: Amanda Rowland

How one childcare franchise signed up an entire state.


Sparrow early learning

How one childcare franchise signed up an entire state.

With the clock ticking, SIGNWAVE kits out 17 childcare facilities as Sparrow Early Learning expands its network across the country.

Headquartered in Queensland, Sparrow Early Learning is a professional, early education provider offering early childhood education and care. With centres across the sunshine state and Victoria, the company was known for its fun and secure rooms and outside play areas for children and there were big plans to take the brand to the other side of Australia.

Signs across the state at speed

With one phone call from the Queensland HQ of Sparrow Early Learning, SIGNWAVE Belmont knew life was about to get very busy.

Sparrow was poised to expand its early education business into WA with the purchase of 17 childcare facilities on the west coast. Due to contract legalities, Sparrow was required to have each centre prepared and rebranded within a six-week timeframe.

A rolling rollout

After conducting a site recce at each of the new centres, SIGNWAVE Belmont shifted into project management mode, providing Sparrow Early Learning with a detailed roll out plan. Each site was unique so customised signage installations were required for all.

SIGNWAVE created the artwork for all and window graphics, pylons and building signs. Once approved, each piece was printed, manufactured and installed. "Each centre required a different solution with unique measurements and applications, so to get everything ready in time, we made the decision to print and install as we went - rather than risk delays by installing centre by centre," said Ivona Okuniewicz, Director of SIGNWAVE Belmont.

Working efficiently and collaboratively with Sparrow, SIGNWAVE was able to complete the job in time to meet the deadline and to welcome the centres' new early learners.

Sparrow early learning