If You Want to Create Something Unique, Go for the Unusual

Author: Linda Sultmann

Schools have so much space to play with - more than they realise! Unusual finishes are increasingly being used in innovative ways to provide visual and tactile texture to inspire learning, rouse interest and encourage curiosity. For example, textured vinyl wraps have evolved vastly in recent years and the ways in which vinyl can be used is now exciting and limitless.

Unpacking ideas for engaged learning

Some of the schools we have worked with recently have embraced the use of textured, unusual surfaces to build engagement and bring concepts to life for school children.

Have you considered ...?

  • Cut out alu panels - to create great (durable) shapes that draw a crowd
  • Magnet wall vinyl - easy-change, interactive graphics that can be used to spark the imagination
  • Whiteboard vinyls - use blank spaces and desks for students to create their own artwork, solve maths equations and express their ideas
  • Floor graphics - help direct new students and visitors during open days with wayfinding at their feet
  • Chalkboard vinyl - Turn regular walls into chalkboards that are great for interactive, group activities

You don't need to be an expert in finishes or even be 100% sure what you want to get started. Talk to us. We can pay a visit to your school and assess the potential in your space to create an exciting learning environment.

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