4 Messages Educators Need to Convey on Open Day

Author: Linda Sultmann

Higher education is an increasingly competitive industry, and attracting new students is a top priority. It's important for schools and universities to give students an environment that promotes exploration and inspiration.

A Class Act

On your next open day, try using a variety of signs and visual graphics to create a unique, organised, and positive environment that reflects school values.

Start with four key messages:



Communicate your culture and make a warm first impression with a décor that exudes colour and vibrancy. Use larger-than-life window and wall graphics, decals on doors, banners across facilities, vinyl, and dimensional letters, and canvas prints in hallways.


Please Explore and Take a Tour

Help visitors find their way around with wayfinding signs, maps, and landmarks at 'pause points'. Take advantage of walls, stairs, lifts, columns, and other building structures by applying temporary directional graphic decals. Make sure entrances, exits and restrooms are clearly identified and easy for people to find by using signs on doors and hanging from the ceiling.


We Have Something Just Right for You

Clubs, teams, and societies can draw in interested parties with booths and canopies. Enhance the display and create the 'wow' factor with A-frames, fabric banners, posters, printed flags, printed shirts, and other branded merchandise.


We’re Here to Answer Your Questions

Inform potential students about the campus, courses, and facilities with signs, banner stands, and directories. Stand-alone kiosks or wall-mounted screens can display multiple messages such as activity schedules, safety information, building maps, and vendor information.

By stepping up your campus displays and decor, you can make the open day experience seamless and exciting. It may just be that extra something that separates your school from the rest.