Visual Communications

Inspiring Spaces for Inspired Thinking

Author: Linda Sultmann

The environment in which learning takes place has the power to inspire and encourage inquiry.

The environment in which learning takes place has the power to inspire and encourage inquiry. Whether they are sitting in a quadrangle, school hall, or in front of a screen, students are deluded with environmental information. It’s not a passive thing either – children, in particular, see, hear and listen actively and the senses are activated by diversity.

Wall Graphic

Educational institutions can do much to enhance the milieu in which their students come to expand their knowledge pools. Like learning, visual displays on campus don’t have to be boring. They can be unexpected and unconventional. (Related Information: Enhance Learning Through School Signage)

Did you know it’s possible to create an exciting visual on a concrete wall for less than it costs to paint it?

Wall Graphic

When it comes to public displays that inform, educate, and excite, you can get creative via light poles, sporting equipment, campus facilities, lockers, stairs… you name it. Every single surface is an opportunity to reach a passer-by.

For example:

  • Blend wayfinding and identification signs with the aesthetics of the campus architecture.
  • Digital signage which regularly updated information is an excellent way to provide dynamic information for students and faculty.
  • Custom wall decals are inexpensive and provide a great opportunity to spread school spirit, brighten up a dreary part of a building, promote an event or feature a logo, crest, or mascot.
  • Stair riser graphics can even make a stairway into a visual feast – featuring photos, graphics, words, or all of the above.
  • Big, bright outdoor banners can be hung just about anywhere, changed regularly, seize attention, and will bring attention to anything.

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Directional sign

Thinking site sign, Roxburgh College