Schools Are Encouraging Learning Through Strategic Use of Signage

Author: Kirsty Koopmans

The role of schools is to teach reading, writing, arithmetic and much more to students, and these days, these lessons aren’t always delivered via books, whiteboards or computers.

Schools inspire learning

It’s no secret that by improving the learning environment, schools can enhance the learning experience – better information retention, greater academic performance and more open and receptive students.

In recent years, we have worked with many schools who are using attractive, colourful and considered signage and graphics to bring learning to life. They are offering students memorable cues outside the classrooms that are customised to reflect the ethos, geographical influences and curriculum of their individual school.

Graphics are being used to help extend the reach of things like multi-lingual studies, school mottos, maps, historical figures and more.

Schools inspiring learning


They are designed and positioned to complement décor, lighting and facilities to inspire learning, enhance ideas, encourage collaboration – as well as create quiet spaces for reflection and rest.

This is achieved through a multitude of applications such as traditional signage, wall graphics, murals, floor, window and ceiling graphics and more.

Some of our most popular school installations include large fence signs with the values of the schools listed in large lettering and banners. Using big, bold coloured letters with quirky quotes is also an effective way to capture the imagination of kids. Large life-size cut outs of school mascots have also proven to increase a students’ investment in their school and its values.

School murals


A comprehensive curriculum of signage and display for schools

SIGNWAVE has a long history of providing a variety of educators with comprehensive signage and display solutions. We work with many schools to reinvigorate their existing signage with bright, modern images and are ready to work with you.