How to Make Your Work Space Work

Author: Linda Sultmann

Environmental graphics are a great way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

interior signs

When you get down to brass tacks, if you want to create and grow a business just exploding with activity, you need happy, productive employees.

According to a Trendhunter study, 90% of workers say a better workplace design and layout could improve overall performance, and 49% say that they would stay an extra hour at work each day if the environment was attractive.

Everyone has their dream workplace. An environment that would make their income-earning hours a happy, inspiring, fun environment to be in.

You don’t have to install a slide in the office or relocate to a tropical island to excite employees about where they work (although, let’s face it those things would be great). Even subtle touches can make your workspace more inviting and inspiring.

Wall bird

Colour counts.
Different colours have proven effects on human psychology. For instance, blue stimulates clear thought. Yellow boosts creativity and lifts spirits. Green creates a calming sense of balance. Red elevates the pulse.

Glass wall

Create a conversation.
Surrounding areas that envelope employees in a particular mood or headspace can affect levels of creativity and motivation. If they’re happy or engaged, they are more likely to communicate, generating ideas and innovation.


Communicate vision and culture.
Interior décor graphics on windows, walls, and floors can connect workers and visitors with key brand messages and with your organisation’s values.

Want some ideas?
Environmental graphics can transform your place of business into somewhere welcoming, interactive, and enlightening. Consider ….

  • Urban Windows – update the look of your office to make it more visually appealing, consider the impact of the beauty of nature rather than a grey landscape. You can add custom window blinds or ceiling tiles to brighten up the office and create an appealing workplace with visual landscapes and other creative scenery.
  • Meeting/Creative Rooms – inspiring quotes and phrases can enhance creativity and impress visitors – such as clients you may be invited for a meeting in your conference room.
  • Lighting – reduce the harshness of certain lights by placing vinyl graphics over them.
  • Wayfinding ambiance – take directional signage to an entirely new level, incorporating art, furniture, design, and landscape.

Let us know your dream workplace and together we can bring it to life.