5 Ways to Get Noticed for the Right Reasons

Author: Linda Sultmann

Smart visual communication and signage ideas for Manufacturing, Wholesalers, and Distributors. Stay safe, communicate with customers, and create efficient workflows.

Being smart about your business’s visual presence means more than keeping people safe and meeting compliance regulations. Getting noticed by the right people at the right time can have a real impact on your success and future growth.

  1. Promote your brand
    Forget the old saying about contempt - these days, familiarity breeds brand awareness. When your name and logo appear everywhere from your building’s front door and windows to your company vehicle, people are more likely to remember you.
  2. Safety awareness
    Safety signs are one of the oldest types of safety equipment – and most necessary. Keeping workers and visitors safe is still one of the most important things any manufacturing facility can achieve through signage, particularly in areas with heavy machinery or hazardous waste. Warning: authorized signage only.
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  3. Make an impression
    Welcome and impress visiting clients with noticeable interior décor graphics. Not limited to front-of-house signage, you can turn heads and win hearts with ceiling tiles, imaged glass, digital displays, and customised floor mats.
  4.  Show the way
    No need to hope and pray that all employees know where everything is at your facility. Anyone who enters your premises for the first time should be able to get where they want to without getting lost. Guide people to and through your building with easy-to-read directories that inform, reinforce the brand, and improve traffic flow.
  5.  Talk internally
    Whether an assembly station needs more stock or a supervisor needs to resolve an issue before the line can start again, communication across a manufacturing facility is imperative. Manufacturing signage can facilitate communication in many ways – with simple, permanent signs providing instruction, temporary morale-boosting messages (x days since an accident) or even using digital signage that features real-time updates and news to employees across the facility.
    Whether you are trying to build your reputation, make a good impression, or create an efficient work environment, there many opportunities for your company to be seen to succeed. The first step is adopting a comprehensive view of your facility and taking stock of both where you need to be visible and where you can make a bigger impact through graphic solutions.
    And the greatest motivator for getting started is knowing that by maximizing your visibility (in all the right ways) you have more chance of keeping your customers’ eyes on you and away from your competitors.

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