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Increase Retail Signs All Year Round

Author: Linda Sultmann

A change is in the air. Bold retail ideas for any season.

Bold retail ideas for any season

You don’t have to wait for the big seasonal sales events to get customers through the door.

Changing up your signage regularly can help create a point of interest for even the most regular passer-by – and re-attract old customers to ramp up retail sales (even without the ‘shopping days til Christmas countdown’).

No need to go over the top, either.

Retail window displays

You can make small changes like regular window decal updates for big results.

Neon signs

Neon lettering can be used to attract the gaze as well as spell out promotional, interesting or downright quirky messages.

Pop up retail

Pop up a pop-up display. Make a lasting impression with a short-term spectacle – create a curious focal point with bold shapes and colours.

Retail props

Park a prop outside your window and tie it into a theme and a big shop front display.

catch phrase

Come up with a catch phrase that answers your target customers desires, solves their problems or fulfils their dreams and promote it simply but significantly on windows, walls, banners, A-frames or flags.