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Stop Shoppers in Their Tracks

Author: Dean Rowland

Spring is here and it’s the right time to get the jump on your competitors with promotions and exciting new graphics that stop people in their tracks.

At SIGNWAVE we have durable, versatile retail signage and display options in a range of styles and sizes to help drive sales.

Importantly, these are affordable signage solutions so even if your budget is tighter than usual, we’ve got you covered.


1. A-frames

Perfect for placement anywhere there is foot traffic. Take your message to the street with easy to carry, always upright and weather resistant a-frames.


2. Poster signs

Colourful posters that grab attention and imagination can be positioned outside thanks to totally weatherproof frames and water fill bases that ensure durability and stability. Wheels are included to ensure tilt and move is an easy task for all retail staff.

Colourful posters

3. Retractable banners

An excellent option for limited-time campaigns, retractable banners can be used to create eye-catching backdrops of any size while not actually taking up a lot of space. Easy to transport, the stand has been designed for stability and to allow banners to be changed at a moment’s notice with a new look or offer.

 Retractable banners

4. Pavement signs

Fit for the footpath, roadside or forecourt promotion. Our pavement signs are wind resistant, weather resistant, versatile, sleek, modern and striking.

5. Outdoor A-frames

Ideal for all retail environments, this is a double-sided A-frame is covered with anti-reflective protection so direct sunlight does not compromise the graphics. These work just as well indoors and can be folded neatly for space saving storage.

double-sided A-frame

various signs