Vinyl Banners and Signs

Rely on SIGNWAVE® durable vinyl banners and nylon-reinforced vinyl banners for your promotions, special events, grand openings and sporting events. Highly weather resistant, our vinyl banner material works well indoors for short and long-term installations and outdoors for temporary purposes. Because of the material's strength, it can be cut into almost any length or dimension. Banner material is available in many colours to meet your needs. Vinyl signs are also weather resistant and durable.

Vinyl Banner & Sign Tips

  • Choose the nylon woven and vinyl banner material stocked by most SIGNWAVE® centres for durable, long-lasting banners. Although there are other banner materials, such as Tyvek and polyethylene, few last as long as vinyl and nylon woven material
  • Consider using a heavier weight material when your banner will be suspended between poles or buildings
  • Plan to apply letters to one side of your banner only. Our standard, stocked banner material is guaranteed to be vinyl-receptive on one side. If the sign is hung outside, letters on the second side may come off quickly. If letters are applied to the proper side, though, the banner will be more durable outdoors

Vinyl Banner & Sign Applications

  • Grand Opening and Coming Soon announcements
  • Sales and promotions
  • Special events
  • Sporting events
  • Tradeshows and Exhibits

Vinyl Banner & Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your banners by:

  • Making banners large
  • Adding stripes and borders
  • Using additional lettering colours
  • Adding a photo, logo or graphic symbol
  • Utilising unusual shapes or designs


The maximum banner size is virtually unlimited, and we can create customised banners in any size you want or need.

Finishing & Mounting

SIGNWAVE® offers many options for finishing and mounting your banners:

  • GrommetsAttach banners at regular points to distribute their weight evenly and prevent sagging
  • Pole PocketsInsert rigid poles into pockets along your banners’ edges for a more even weight distribution. This can prevent sagging and make your banners more rigid
  • Hemmed EdgesReinforce the sides of your vinyl banners to maintain their shape and prevent stretching
  • Power TapeReinforce the edges of your shear-cut banners or banners that have no material available for hemmed edges
  • Banner-UpsAttach plastic tabs with eyelets to each corner of your banners to create convenient hanging points
  • D-rings with Nylon Webbing*Secure large banners that will hang on buildings with D-rings and ratchet straps
  • Nylon Webbing*Reinforce the tops and bottoms of your banners to extend their lives—especially if you’re in an area that is prone to high winds

* Extra time required.


  • In production, grommets will be placed in all four corners and every 2-3’ feet between, across the top and bottom. These are used to hang and secure the banner while minimizing stress. The two-ply corners ensure strength for intermediate to long-term outdoor life
  • Special care needs to be given to the installation of large banners. If you are unsure of the best application method, call your local SIGNWAVE® centre


  • When storing your banner, roll the banner with the graphics or letters to the outside to prevent letter separation and air bubbles. Never fold your banner because it will cause it to have creases
  • Proper care and handling will improve the longevity of your banner


Sign products and materials may vary by location. Contact your local SIGNWAVE® centre for more information on product availability.