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How to Really Get the Attention of Your Target Audience in 2018

Author: Linda Sultmann

Are you ready to take off in 2018? The name of the game is building authentic relationships with customers.

Create customer connections

Here are a few truth bombs for you:

1. Loyalty evolves from brands that people feel a real connection with - this means conveying that you genuinely feel their pain points and have no BS solutions to offer them.

2. It's not always about the 'WOW' factor. Sometimes people want clear messages and simple visuals in interesting ways.

3. Taking the middle ground makes you blend in. Stand for something and stand out. Align your brand with a strong message, core values, or a cause to forge greater recognition and connections. Read Seth Godin's Purple Cow for inspiration

What is your message and how will you stand out in 2018?

Make your mark and make a connection with big, bold banners and flags; vehicle graphics; monument signs; window decals, or get really creative with unique, one-of-a-kind visual communication - think imaged glass, window shades, ceiling tiles, and more.

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