Serious Texas BBQ

Greeting restaurant customers waiting to order with a digital kiosk

The Challenge

Serious Texas BBQ is a five location restaurant chain in Colorado that has relied on traditional signs to communicate with customers. The restaurant owners wanted to reduce the number of flyers and paper clutter and move to a digital kiosk to greet customers waiting in line.


The Solution

FASTSIGNS® installed a digital kiosk in one of the Durango locations to promote daily specials and advertise their bottled sauces and gift cards. The digital kiosk shows mouthwatering meals to people in line as they wait to place an order.

“We had so much information to give to the public about our products and services. This is one way we could do it efficiently,” said Sam Schmdit of Serious Texas BBQ.

The digital kiosk promotes all Serious Texas BBQ locations, menu items and specials such as holiday turkeys. The restaurant owners acknowledge that the digital kiosk helps promote menu items.

“Since we’ve had the digital sign, the items that we are trying to push are selling more at this location than the other locations. People are buying more food for parties and group events,” said Justin James of Serious Texas BBQ.

The benefit of the digital kiosk is the ability to update graphics without actually ordering new signs. FASTSIGNS can quickly change menu specials on the digital kiosk and use video and animation for more visual interest.


The Result

After FASTSIGNS placed the digital sign, sales of featured products increased and customers in line had a shorter perceived wait time. Serious Texas BBQ plans to add a digital kiosk to each location.

*FASTSIGNS® of Durango, Colorado is owned by Laurie Sigillito.

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