Employee Communication with Digital Signage

Communicate organization priorities while you keep employees motivated and focused using digital signage. SIGNWAVE® Australia can help you create an immersive experience for employees at key locations where they’ll benefit most, such as break rooms, elevator entries, cafeterias and lounges. Just a few of the many uses for digital message boards include:

  • Display press coverage.

  • Explain pricing strategies or sales.

  • Highlight important reminders.

  • Announce company visitors.

  • Share internal job postings.

  • Share success stories and newsworthy items from other offices or locations.

  • Promote corporate, social and athletic activities to help enhance company culture.

  • Provide a dashboard for call centers, or scheduling board for workers.

  • Give executives a communications platform to promote the brand.

  • Promote safety messages.

  • Communicate important data in manufacturing facilities to keep operations running smoothly.