How to make their eyes pop with a pop-up


Pop up and lock it down! Pop-up displays are popping up everywhere as businesses discover what a great opportunity they are to make a lasting impression with a short-term spectacle in front of a receptive audience.

Be a pop star with a pop-up

Do you want to catch people’s attention with a pop-up display? Here’s how:

Start with a theme. What’s the message you want to convey? What do you want people to take away about your product or your business? Tie that theme into every aspect of your pop-up store or stand’s design.

Create a focal point. Consider the eye-level of passers-by and do something big, high, bright, colourful or loud that will get their attention.

Maintain that boldness. Use colours, shapes, and props to stand out.

Cut the clutter. While you want your pop-up to be eye-catching, you also want to keep it focused. Too many images or products in a small space can diminish the impact of your display.

Light it up. Not only can lighting capture attention, it can bring a 3D quality to display.

Show them the way. Outdoor stand-alone signage and floor graphics are ideal for popular trade shows, busy footpaths or high foot traffic areas.

Be persuasive. Persuasive signage can highlight hidden gems - products that are on sale, limited editions or innovative and unique – showcasing and adding value to items that may have ordinarily been overlooked.

Have some fun with your pop-up displays. Get experimental. Be unique. Talk to us about how we can turn your temporary presence into a memorable introduction.
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